HP story "Always"

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HP story "Always"

New Harry Potter story by Sabitha Kiritharan


Hi everyone. Been a part of the amazing movellas community for now 5 years, wow time has flown. Love movellas, which is full of helpful kind talented writers. Go Movellas!

I have written a new harry potter fanfiction for the battle of the fandoms competition which is called "Always" which is written by me, Sabitha Kiritharan. I hope you will all read it. I'm so happy to be part of the amazing movellas community, love movellas and all you users are amazing. Special love to all my fans, all my amazing readers, everyone who reads, comments, likes my stories and support me. You all are truly amazing. Movellas has made me grow as a writer, and helped me make many new friends. I love writing and hope one day to be talented enough to publish my own novel. I know that there are so many talented writers on movellas who I know will definetly become famous successful published authors in the future. Don't forget me all of you when your all famous.

I have written a new Harry Potter fan fiction, and it's called "Always"

It's about the relationship and love between Snape and Lily, who are my favourite couple and love Snape, Lily and Harry Potter series so much. I hope you will all love reading it, and will read it, comment on it and share it to all your friends/family if you do like it. Love Harry Potter series so much.

It's for the battle of the fandom competition, for the amazing Harry Potter fandom. It's called "Always"

Good luck to everyone entering the battle of the fandoms competition, where there are many amazing talented writers entering awesome stories and fanart. I'm impressed with the talent and love the movellas community so much.


Hope all you amazing people will read,comment and share it. Most of all, hope everyone loves it.



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