An Inspector's Call Theatre Production 2016

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 An Inspector's Call Theatre Production 2016

My visit to see an Inspector's Call in London.

22nd December, 2016, I went up to London with one of my friends (Scarlett) to go see an Inspector’s Call. This is one of the set texts for many students in the UK and although I don’t study it, it was something amazing to see none the less!


Arriving at 11:06 at the station, armed with enough tickets to survive, snacks and revision material (which we doubted and did not use) we boarded the train and grabbed a double seat, one seat for us, another for our bags.


On that hour long train ride. We did work.

That’s a lie. We did no work whatsoever, we talked. I have no idea, or recollection of what we talked about, but we managed to gossip for an entire hour.


Arriving at London Victoria at 12:10, we made our way down onto the tube by 12:15. This tube ride was amazing. There was a group of people playing jazz carols! We managed to listen for two stops before they got off. It was brilliantly entertaining and really got people in a good mood, and a festive mood.


Lunch was soon after, we weren’t going to waste time analysing all the restaurants, so Lupita it was! Lupita is a Mexican restaurant, very nice, very inviting, with a lot to hold it up. The food served was to a high standard and the staff were very polite.

Both Scarlett and I had a grilled steak burrito. Gosh it was amazing.


Having paid for the bill (and splitting it) after devouring food (we were both very hungry! Okay!) we decided to look around and take some photos. Our first stop was Trafalgar, with a man dressed as Santa, sitting in mid – air (of course that was an amazing photo opportunity!), and, as we headed down into the square itself, we froze.


We saw, a Paris poodle.

You know, the shaved poodles with the fuzzy sock things? Those kinda things? If not, google it – you’ll see what I mean.


Once our awe at the Paris Poodle had passed, we made our way to the theatre. Fair to say, thus far, we’d had a good day.

And it was going to get even better.


If you haven’t studied the text, then watching this can be very dramatic. I speak from experience, and if you have studied the text, watching the performance live really does bring the characters, settings and the backstory to life in a way that can never be imagined in one’s head. Watching it really does give the audience as sense of apprehension, that can be true, I admit, I did forget to breathe multiple times, I was that tense!

Although the main plot is focusing on the death of a woman and how everyone contributed to it, the underlying message is that actions can have severe consequences, and without feeling remorse for those actions, you will be trapped in a circle of never ending suffering. This itself is apparent when you understand that the characters are trapped in a continuous loop, with the phone ringing at the end.


Once all had been enjoyed, Scarlett and I grabbed a Costa. We needed the energy, to deal with a busy, mid – week evening packed tube and train home. We got the 16:50 train back from London Victoria and arrived home an hour and a half later.


A great day was enjoyed by all, and going to see it in the theatre? Something I would recommend!

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