Day 2. Who am I?

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Day 2. Who am I?

Who am I?

 Today I want to tell you guys the struggle that I have had with my sexual orientation in the hopes that maybe I can help those who still aren't sure.

 Just so that you know I am bisexual. I'm a girl who likes girls and boys. It has taken me a while to figure that out. Let me just set things straight right from the get go I am not sexually attracted to anybody yet because I am only 14. I am emotionally and spiritually attracted to certain boys and girls. I have had some flings with girls and boys. My first kiss was with a girl and it was nice.

 It took a lot of time and support to get me to where I am now. The support came from my best ever friend Peter. He went through the same things that I went through and he helped me. He is my gbf and I am his! 

 If you guys out there are struggling with your sexual identity don't do what I did. I didn't tell my parents or any adults until I was certain of my identity. If you aren't sure tell your parents or guardiens. Peter helped me through my struggles and it's thanks to him that I know who I am now. Even if you don't feel comfortable telling any adults in your life at least tell a close friend or family member. If you can't do this then contact websites like childline or message me. I want to be there for those that need me. I can't pretend to be a proffesional or adult but I know what you are going through. 

 So you want to know about my journey? Here it goes.

 It was eariler on this year. Around febuary. I was on the internet and youtube when I started finding myself attracted to females. This went on for a few weeks but then I started to like girls in my year -not in a friend way- so I decided to go to Peter who had came out to me around November last year. I told him what I just told you and he said that we should go somewhere to talk. We got on a bus and went to a shopping center. We sat in starbucks and talked. We talked and talked for hours and we figured out that I am bisexual. We figured this out because I said how I like girls but I still like boys as well. It obviously wasn't that simple. We went into a lot of depth and I told him about the girls and boys that I think are cute. He agreed with some of the boys. 

 I know that my identity is not set in stone and that thibgs can change but for now I am proud of who I am and I support the LGBT community. Just a message for those homophobic people in the world and any who are reading this. Just why?

 Today instead of a funny story at the end of my blog i'd like to end on a question. A question for all of you. Who would be the first person you would tell if you figured out if you were gay? This is how you should set it out.

Name & relation to you. So for me it would be Peter & Best friend.

Peace out mother lovers!

-Clara Jean Mellark


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