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Hello... I'm Kahu from new zealand and I 17 years old.. I'm a fan of british and new zealand artists.... Soo yeah.. Also i'm new to this so sorry if stories are boring..

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    Okay soo... My book (Where I Belong) I need help to write chapture three>>>
    Sooo I going to make a competition and if you win it you well read it in my book!!
    What i'm look for is a surpising way to say that you are going to be in the next cheorographer for the wanted and would be staring in there new music video "Where I Belong." Because I don't know what to write it's kinda hard to continue!! Please Help Me Out....
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    You published your book on my birthday, thats pretty cool
    I Found You... In My Darkest Hour
    I Found You... In...
    So Joe is just a teenage girl. She has a brother Tom. Yes! From The Wanted. Joe has a secret that never told anyone - she has a crush on Nathan. She's 18, hazel eyes, brown long hair and beautiful personality...
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