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If you're a fan then you can follow me on Twitter: @StylinsonSlayy and I hope you guys are enjoying my books!!

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I love ONE DIRECTION they really change my life, I know you hear that a lot but really they did xD and No words in the unverisal will ever describe how much I love one direction you only have to be in my shoes to know how much I love them... <3

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    Love it :) !
    A young boy moves to a mysterious town with his twin, having lost his memory of the past few months or so. The only thing the boy remembers a gentle laugh, quiet and soothing filling his mind and ringing...
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    Thank you :)
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    mumbled "I'm back ! 😇"

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    Hi guys ! I know I have been gone for awhile like it's literally been a year , and I felt bad when I saw someone post on the sequel I had bui delete it ughhhh I suck ! So I apologize I'm really sorry for failing you ����
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    I might change up the events that already happen because reading it over and really sounds clique and i hate that so im really starting to think that ....... :) xx

    Whenn I started back updating please but honest with me about my story so I can do better at it and I swear i wont get mad
    Until We Meet Again
    Until We Meet Agai...
    Sequel to 'More Than This' ~~~ Skylar and Kayla been away from the boys for 2 long years. Skylar still love Zayn but she didn't know how much she loved him because of the distance it's been 2 years so...
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    When do you think you'll start updating again?
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    Hi, I now just say this — and it's been a year. I'm truly sorry I really am. But I don't think I would publish it until I really feel comfortable with. And again I'm truly sorry����
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    mumbled "I havent been on for a long time !!"

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    I havent been on for a long time and I havent been updating my stories like I want to soo uh, I was thinking i was going to remake Until We meet again. Im keeping the characters that i have in my story. But school is holding me back because I have a project due tomorrow and I havent even started but its not a huge one so no worries and I will probably need some help with my story (Until We Meet Again). So if you want to be my partner then comment below and I'm not trying to be rude but if you dont know what you're doing then please dont! lol but Thank you so much guys

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