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My Fan Fiction 'behind closed doors' has now been published so go check it out.

  • mikeyskindahot
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    This book has over 1 million reads?!
    Falling for Hood -BEING EDITED-
    Falling for Hood...
    Helen has just moved back to Australia after years of living in California. She is living with her brother, Luke Hemmings. Something Helen didn't know is that Luke has a friend, Calum Hood. They immediately...
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    Helen Hood
    há 4 anos atrás
    Yea! It blows my mind! 1. Million. People. Read. This. Insaneeee
  • mikeyskindahot
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    You have no idea how excited I get when you update this. Like no joke
    Welcome {Michael Clifford}
    Welcome {Michael...
    Y/n closed her eyes…and never woke up. Now y/n's in the afterlife and meets people from all over who have passed. But she takes special interest in demon Michael Clifford-who has a horrid past What...
  • mikeyskindahot
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    Damn! I didn't expect Calum to overhear the conversation
    One day C.H
    One day C.H
    "They say we're troublemakers? I say they're just boring" -Julianne_5sos
    há 4 anos atrás
    ahah yea me neither... It kind of just appear to be the right thing to write i guess!
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