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' You and me got a whole lot of history'

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    Omg u have to update asap
    let'ѕ pretend ✘ c.h
    let'ѕ pretend ✘...
    Bad that she has a crush on her best friend's boyfriend? - What's worse is that she liked him first, she was the first person to meet him, he was meant to be hers, and then one day that was so close to...

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    Oml can't remember the last time it's on this other now obvs
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    idk what I just read xD only understand half the sentence
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    Lol i was just saying it feels like forever since I used movellas. Looking at it now it makes no sense . it was like 4 or 5 in the morning when I said that so I was half dead, too funny man too funny

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