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    This looks pretty cool, can I be in next month's?
    Movellas Friendship Day
    Movellas Friendshi...
    This happens once every month for people looking for people to be friends. We put different people together and that we don't think are already friends. They then fan each other and create a co-author...
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    Of course! :)
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    I didn't mean to come across this but I did, and I realized what this was. A) you should probably take this down. It's plagiarism, no matter how much you say you didn't intend to or anything. B) You should at least change the rating. Do you see how much sex is in this? What, are you too young to post a Red book? And if you are, why in hell are you reading this? Have you learned nothing as to why the website added the safety thing? I don't want to be mean but this is not right, and you are most likely too young for this type of book anyway. And for the people reading this, go find the original. Obviously it exists, so read that! Don't encourage plagiarism! Sorry to blow up on you, it's just I've been seeing this a lot lately since one of my books was plagiarized on another website. It sickens me, really.
    this is the famous dark story about Harry Styles and Bo I DID NOT WRITE THIS!!!! NO COPY-WRITE INTENDED ALL PRAISE GOES TO THE AUTHOR
    Kodaline ♥
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    kallie_rae4 has said, in the blurb, that she didn't write the story.
    and the original author said that people could put it on other websites, so long as they said that they weren't the author!
    so get your facts right....
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    thanks for defending me Nialler's Darling snd i dont care what you think and the original is no longer up it got deleted
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    Seriously... The author had already mentioned that she didn't write it and have credit to the original writer.
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    Some good suggestions

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    I read A LOT. Lately I haven't had many new books I could read.
    My favorite books are The Host, Unearthly, Divergent, and I read Beautiful Creatures recently and enjoyed it.
    I like the more supernatural/science fiction books with a little romance. I also love a strong female lead.
    One more thing, first person. I tend to like first person better than third.
    Any good suggestions? I also like series, so I can keep reading.
    Alex Catt
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    I would suggest reading the rest of the Beautiful Creatures series (Beautiful Darkness, Beautiful Chaos and Beautiful Redemption). Perhaps you could trying reading the book Angel and its sequel, Angel Fire. They're amazing!
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    I suggest The Night Circus, which is my all time favourite book EVER. Inkheart, Inkspell and Inkdeath are a MUST, a completely incredible trilogy by Cornelia Funke. The Host by Stephenie Meyer, it's much better than the film, which is the case for most films based on books. Anything by John Green, although Looking For Alaska and The Fault in our Stars are especially perfect!
    L. L. Lovecraft
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    Region 29Jack Taylor is a 19 year old boy, but to Region 29 and the S.R.U. Corporation, he's Employee #7905. Because of a crime his family committed against the...
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    Okay. Hi Rebecca, I hope you don't take my comment the wrong way but I noticed how it has so many views and no comments/faves.
    I'm going to tell you why and give you my thoughts.
    You lack proper grammar in this story. Like after a comma or period or something, you put a space. There are many more things.
    So, maybe you should try looking at some guides for proper grammar. The story looks good, really, but you need to use better grammar.
    Um, the only one I know of right now is in Relatable and Not-So-Relatable Rants in chapter twenty-something . Its literally labeled 'Guide To Being A Successful Writer' so check it out.
    I'm simply telling you this to be helpful. This isn't my first time doing this, but I'm trying to make a difference. So many people are afraid to be truthful on here, so authors keep writing the same way and never improving. I think you deserve to know when your story needs a tiny bit of improvement.
    So, this being said, I hope you take my advice about the guide into consideration and not just think I'm hating on you. Obviously I am just trying to help. You're an aspiring author, and you need to push yourself.
    Check out the guide.
    The Carrot Leprechaun
    The Carrot Leprech...
    What would it be like to be a famous persons sibling?Rebecca knows all about this,she's Niall Horan's sister. How will Rebecca get on with the guys?Will she find friendship,romance,betrayal? Find out...
    Becca Horan
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    aww i only saw this now. thanks for your opinion.i know my grammars not great...i glad you liked my story but im not updating for a few weeks will check that out when i get a chance but im very busy at the moment.I'm so glad you checked out the book and left feeedback. thanks a million Rebecca Horan xxx
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    Hey, I just thought I'd comment even if I didn't take the time to read and tell you why. I think maybe you should fix the blurb up. It's not capitalized properly. Then I opened the story and saw the prologue. I skimmed through it and noticed that you did write properly in some chapters. Maybe you can still gain more readers if you fix these problems. I think the story seems good, but the grammar still matters.
    I'm telling you this to help you. Not to hate. I used to just look at all these stories and when they were written poorly I'd just click away. I want to make a difference this time. I want to let you know, that even though some people will still read, you can always get more if your grammar is better. Like me, for instance.
    If you don't know grammar well (I don't know you, so I can't judge you) people have written guides. Just find them.
    I'll name one now.
    Relatable And Not-So-Relatable Rants has a small guide as chapter twenty-something.
    Or so many people wrote them in forums. Just check them out.
    If your too lazy to write properly, then forget I even commented.
    And if you're going to tell me off for this, then just ignore this comment and delete it. You have the power to do that. I'm just trying to be helpful. I'm going to do this on all the movellas I come across that are written like this from now on. Not to offend you, but to help you.
    Mixed Emotions
    Mixed Emotions
    makayla has always had a hard time with friendships. she is always afraid of getting hurt and when she gets close to someone she always pushes them away. what will makayla do when her old bestfriend from...
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    No problem, and I believe you are an aspiring author. You just need to push yourself a little harder. Most people on here are scared to tell the truth on stories, but I'm trying to change that :)
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