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At the moment I am just posting my FanFics from on here but I may do an original story in the future sometime.
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  • Vivi-rose
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    I don't really like stating what POV it us, it's not like you get that in a book. I just try and make it obvious who is talking/thinking/dreaming.
    Thank you for your characters, they will start to come in about chapter 10 because this is already on fan fiction and has 8 or 9 chapters. If you want to follow me on fan fiction my pen name is the same.
    Goodbye and thank you.
    vivi-rose x
    Sisters of the sea
    Sisters of the sea
    This is a Percy Jackson and the Olympians fan fiction. Tierney and Ellie had always been best friends, when they find out they're demigods, and sisters they're overjoyed. But Tierney is plagued with nightmares,...
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    I get that, it's just confusing when one second your one character and then all of a sudden you change characters without telling cause that leaves me thinking 'What? Which character is it now? Who's speaking?'
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    Ok, maybe I'll put a star or something each time I switch
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