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Poems are songs a heart
Cannot bear to sing;
and stories are words an
author cannot say aloud.


Victoria's Place

por , Terça-feira Outubro 18, 2016
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 Victoria's Place

Hello World!

A Brief Apology

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  • Victoria Wethers
    há 2 semanas atrásResponder
    I have some very exciting news!!!!!

    Moon: First in the Prophecy Chronicles is now published as an ebook on Amazon and the Kindle store! Please, please spread the word every little bit helps.

    Please help me make my dream of being a published author real and support me in this endeavor, I love you all!!!!
  • Victoria Wethers
    há 10 meses atrásResponder
    I kind of want to update this
    Molly's Love(A Sherlock FanFic)
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    Everyone knows Molly, the cute coroner in Sherlock. Its hard not to see the love she has for Sherlock(And who can blame her?) What if Molly can finally get Sherlock to love her in return? Can this high...
  • Victoria Wethers

    mumbled "HELLO"

    I am in the process of moving my book, Ascardia to Movellas! Think of it as a Christmas present to all my followers!

    I wish to apologize for being gone so long. It was never my intention of just disappearing. These past three years have been challenging and complicated to explain...I was in a dark place for a long time and this new story of mine Ascardia is one of the reasons I've resurfaced. I am extremely proud of it and I hope all of you check it out soon.

    As many of you recall I was engaged for awhile; well I am no longer engaged and that is another reason for my absence. My relationship with my ex was extremely toxic and I didn't want to recognize the signs of the mental abuse. But I'm much better now and I'm ready to write and read all of your stories!
    Victoria Wethers
    há 1 anos atrás
    Thank you:)
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