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The Ballad of Me and My Brain

por , Sexta-feira Fevereiro 9, 2018
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The Ballad of Me and My Brain

An Epic Battle With My Brain

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  • Ace Ambrose
    há 2 meses atrásResponder
    Introspective and honest, love how you interpreted the imagery so vividly
    3 Deer
    3 Deer
    A Poem about the moment i came across a traquil environment in which 3 deer were stood.
  • Ace Ambrose
    há 1 anos atrásResponder
    Checking out the other entries and I love love your voice
    Song Lyrics
    Song Lyrics
    Here's my entry for the songwriting competition! All three of my entries are included in separate chapters of this book. Each chapter consists of the lyrics (obviously) followed by a recorded version of...
    há 1 anos atrás
    Aw, thank you so much! ;)
  • Ace Ambrose
    há 2 anos atrásResponder
    I'm releasing my debut album next month and it's a concept album telling the life story of a fictional character with each track representing a different chapter in her life. I originally planned to release a book alongside the album, telling the actual story as fictional rock n roll biography of the character but haven't found the right platform (until now I hope). I'd love to enter my story but I was wondering about the recording process, would the winner be the one narrating the story or would someone else read it out? Also are there any red flags to avoid (eg. swearing - my protagonist is a bit mouthy) :)
    Ace Ambrose
    há 2 anos atrás
    It'll be on itunes, spotify and everything end of december :)
    The Intelligence Division
    há 2 anos atrás
    You simply must put out a link when it comes out!
    há 2 anos atrás
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    Submitting some of the music you wrote for your new album is a great idea for this contest @[Ace Ambrose] and as far as red flags, it's okay if your protagonist is a bit mouthy, I think the folks at Sony can handle it, I know I can XD I hope that answers your question.
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