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I'm your average everyday writer.
Feminism, body positivity, and writing are my life right now.
After not writing for a really long time I've started again, and if you could check out my book that'd be amazing.
"Maybe you're right, maybe YOU don't need feminism. But there are so many women out there who DO need feminism that I will not let this movement rest until other women are able to experience the rights that they should be guaranteed as a basic human right."
"Sometimes it's the princess who saves the prince and slays the dragon." I mean, I finished a story once.....Yeah, that one time...
Ha.......Hopefully, I can do it again....We will see....
I mean.....How hard could it be?..Ugh, really hard I know but maybe I can do it because that's be cool.
My grammar is honestly trash and any tips on it would be greatly appreciated. I'm editing out all the mistakes in my book that I can actually see myself finishing.
I mean my writing won't win awakes but it's reasonably okay.
I wish you all a good day that is free of writers block, my lovelies!

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    Book:The Colorful Violin
    Celebs: Gus from Asthma, Ashely Graham, Tom Hiddlston, and Lupita Nysong'o
    You can change the celebs if it makes it easier but I want to have you get a feel of what my characters look like.
    Thank you so much!!!
    Trailer Store *OPEN*
    Trailer Store *OPE...
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    Okay...It's going to take time but i'll get it to you and do you have and idea about the book?
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    I'm so sorry, I haven't updated anything. I broke my fingers and it's hard for me too type. Updates will be coming soon though!
    ~Kowalaz :)
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    I love this so far! It really makes me want too read more! Can't wait for upcoming chapters! :)
    Picture. Snap a picture. Quickly, though. Nothing stays perfect forever.
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    Thank you so much!!! :)
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    I'm trying to write and better blurb for my book The Colorful Violin but I'm struggling lol I wrote one that's shorter and I feel like it sums up the story but I just don't know if it makes you want to read it
    Ugh, the struggles of a writer
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    I love how descriptive this is! Lovely writing style
    The Civil War of Annesia
    The Civil War of...
    The kingdom, once a beautiful and prosperous land, has fallen. Thousands of years of unrelenting war has shattered it into three new lands, and their history is all but forgotten. The now ruined capitol...
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    You're very welcome, love! :)
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