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Finally back after a year or so... I've been reading back over my old stuff on here and I'm honesty not too fond of it. I might end up re writing some.

  • SHINeereplaygirl
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    *cough* I'll be re-doing the majority of these questions and moving them over to Wattpad. Just without Dark Shadow because I actually began to hate her after I created her. Also because I soon noticed how much of a Mary Sue she is -.-... So if you'd like to see the remake of these, go to wattpad sometime to check it out. <3
    Ask the creepy pastas!!
    Ask the creepy pas...
    Ask the creepy pasta characters!!!! {any character you want to ask a question}
  • SHINeereplaygirl
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    I'm back! Woohoo! Yay! *crowd applauds* So I'm finally back now! I've matured more from my old writing so I'm looking forward to seeing what I can do now. But all around, I'm happy to be back and be able to go on with these stories I started so long ago.
  • SHINeereplaygirl
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    Guys, ;~; I might leave Movellas. MIGHT. I just have really bad writers block. Though I will put these stories on WattPad with my other stories. I might ((MIGHT.)) continue them there. :* luv ya guys.
    A Child of the Madness
    há 5 anos atrás
    Why would you leave over a simple block? I have them all the time but I'm still here. Something tells me a bit more than a simple block or frustration plots this course... care to converse and divulge?
    há 5 anos atrás
    Ok...I feel like my stories aren't good.
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