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por , Sábado Março 30, 2019
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So this Blog is created to keep you guys up to date on my writing, collaborations, Q&A'S, upcoming stories, previews and basically my activity on Movellas. 

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    mumbled "Monday 16th September........"

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    The pungent perfumes of human blood, death and decaying corpses wafted their way into my nostrils. A predatory instinct inside me switched on. I clamber near the only window, the only source of light, but even light itself struggles to weave and meander its way into my den. My feet scamper over piles of bodies. What could have been doctors, nurses, teachers, engineers or lawyers have fallen prey to my monstrous tendencies.

    mumbled "Congratulations Rain!"

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    The trending page. 3 of Rain's solo works have been up on trending and so have our two collaborations together :) Ghost Of You is still catching up more and more reads and I just want to thank you for writing such amazing pieces of art recently :) Literally your name is taking the dominance by storm recently XD
    Rain :)
    há 3 dias atrás
    Thank you @[xx.ansa.xx] ♡♡
    Jade Wolffe
    há 3 dias atrás
    I'll work on Calamity I swear. I got a notebook ready to put a pencil to. Maybe someone could publish it for me? When it's done.
    Rain :)
    há 3 dias atrás
    I dont mind doing that for you if you would like?

    mumbled "Something that I made for a possible upcoming story."

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    Its going to be incredibly different from my 'typical' style. I was quite reluctant with choosing pictures as some may claim they are too revealing or obscene but without getting out of your comfort zone, there is no growth. I've also realised a lot of my readers are of age 16 and over and I want to give them something that isn't too adult like but has more mature content. I've never been an 'innocent' child anyways and at 13 years old I was watching 15 shades of grey XD oops! but yh thats just promo art I created and kinda a breif introduction to myself and hopefully a new era. Hope u guys enjoy the rest of ur day :)
    FA Nathaniel Miller USN
    há 4 dias atrás
    hmmm will give it a read... the fierce looking chick in the pic makes it intriguing. ;-)
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    A very short but cutting start to a new story! As always, I can feel that this is going to be insanely deep :)
    What He Said To Her.
    What He Said To...
    He said to her, "He needs your love. Are you willing to love him?" Her answer was unexpected.
    Rain :)
    há 1 semanas atrás
    I hope it lives up to your standards! :) x
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