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i have a strange obsession with greek mythology and I tested as artemis... so that's saying i'm strong, brave, and vengeful.... the last one is just a warning on do not get onto my bad list... it is a bad thing if you get on my bad list... very bad... but other than that
(=´∇`=)i'm completely friendly!!!

if you want, you can go to my blog that I made which gives out helpful hints on things I love. the title literally means things I love in french... so yeah check it out!

bye... (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧


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    mumbled "super five trailer ... enjoy"

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  • shay

    mumbled "loki moments"

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    I found this while I was making a trailer for my new book

    Megites Nightshade
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    LOKI!!!!!!! HIDDLESTON!!!!!! <3 <3 :)
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    yes yes... the great and powerful loki !!!!! (* ̄m ̄)
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    mumbled "new story » super five"

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    it's a thor fanfic... this is my first time doing a super hero story so please don't judge it too hard!! but please check it out!! it would mean the world to me if you do ꒰⁎˃ ॢꇴ ॢ˂⁎꒱
  • shay

    mumbled "answers • part 2"

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    63. Lost my virginity before I was 16?
    nope... still a virgin and I'm 15... so we'll see if I stay pure ;D

    64. Had my wisdom teeth taken out?
    nope have all four of them

    65. Kissed someone a different race than myself?

    66. Snuck out of the house?
    I wish, but my parents have alarm systems

    67. Bought porn?

    68. Had a virus on my computer?

    69. Had oral sex?

    70. Dyed my hair?
    nope only cut

    71. Gone skinny dipping?
    don't want to...

    72. Graduated from college?
    too young

    73. Wore someone else’s clothes?
    all the time

    74. Voted in a presidential election?
    not old enough yet

    75. Rode in an ambulance?

    76. Rode in a helicopter?
    nope... too scared

    77. Caught the stove on fire?

    78. Got in a verbal fight?

    79. Met someone famous?
    my luck isn't that good

    80. Been on vacation?

    81. Been on a boat?

    82. Been on an airplane?
    for my vacations

    83. Broken something expensive?
    dropped my cellphone a whole lot of times

    84. Had surgery?

    85. Kissed someone before I was 14?
    never kissed anyone

    86. Beat a video game?

    87. Found something valuable on the ground?

    88. Made a survey?
    yeah many

    89. Stalked someone on a social network?
    yeah -(awkwardly)

    90. Prank called someone?
    best prank call ever!

    91. Spent over $100 shopping in one day?

    92. Been to a library outside of school?

    93. Cut my hair and hated it?
    all the time

    94. Peed outside?

    95. Went fishing?

    96. Helped with charity?

    97. Taken a pregnancy test?
    nope... didn't need to

    98. Been rejected by a crush?
    never told my crush

    99. Been suspended from school?
    I'm a good girl that hasn't been caught!

    100. Broken a mirror?
    nope... to scared
  • shay

    mumbled "answers • part 1"

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    1. Had sex?

    2. Bought condoms?

    3. Gotten pregnant?
    no -(wow a lot of these are no O.o)

    4. Failed a class?

    5. Kissed a boy?

    6. Kissed a girl?
    sorry, but no

    7. Used a little paper bag for lunch?
    once or twice, now I use Vera Bradely

    8. Had a job?

    9. Slipped on ice?
    YES!!! My butt still hurts jk...

    10. Missed the school bus?
    I have a ride to school

    11. Left the house without my wallet?
    all the time

    12. Bullied someone on the internet?

    13. Sexted?
    no -(awkward question)

    14. Had sex in public?
    still a virgin and proud

    15. Played on a sports team?
    basketball, cheerleading, and track -(now I don't do any that's how lazy I am)

    16. Smoked weed?

    17. Smoked cigarettes?
    never smoked

    18. Smoked a cigar?
    nopidy nope nope

    19. Drank alcohol?
    it was in a chocolate that my mom accidentally thought was just caramel

    20. Watched “The Breakfast Club”?
    three times my friend

    21. Been overweight?

    22. Been underweight?
    still am

    23. Had an eating disorder?
    nope had the same eating plan all my life

    24. Been to a wedding?

    25. Made fun of someone for being fat?
    my brother

    26. Been on the computer for 5 hours straight?
    all day actually

    27. Watched TV for 5 hours straight?

    28. Been late for work?
    don't work

    29. Been late for school?

    30. Kissed in the rain?
    never kissed anyone

    31. Showered with someone else?
    my sibling when I was little... but you know how that is

    32. Failed my driver’s test?
    maybe at thanksgiving this year when my first one takes place

    33. Ran a mile in less than 10 minutes?
    15 minutes... I'm a short distance runner

    34. Been outside my home country?

    35. Been on a road trip longer than 5 hours?
    across the country

    36. Had lice?

    37. Gotten my heart broken?

    38. Had a credit card?

    39. Been to a professional sports game?
    nope... sadly

    40. Broken a bone?
    fractured my ankle

    41. Been unhappy about my weight?
    all the time

    42. Won a trophy?

    43. Cut myself?

    44. Had an STD?
    still a virgin... so NOPE!

    45. Got engaged?
    not that old yet

    46. Been on a diet?
    never... always under weight

    47. Tried out to be on a TV show?
    nope... want to though

    48. Rode in a taxi?
    yeah... hated it

    49. Been to prom?
    next year

    50. Played a drinking game?

    51. Stayed up for 24 hours or more?
    yeah... when I was seven with my brother

    52. Been to a concert?
    nope... sadly

    53. Had a three-some?
    nope... don't want to honestly

    54. Had a crush on someone of the same sex?

    55. Been in a car accident?
    a really tiny bump

    56. Had braces?

    57. Learned another language?
    two to be accurate

    58. Killed an animal?

    59. Been at a yard sale?

    60. Been to a Japanese steakhouse?
    yeah... didn't really like it

    61. Wore make up?
    once to homecoming and all my ballet dance performances... after that no

    62. Talked to someone via webcam?
    yeah, my parents when their on trips