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Just a normal teen trying to make sense of the insane, illogical, world around her.

  • Rhea Grace
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    I love it! No mistakes! Flawless! Perfect! :)
    The Girl with the Red Eyes
    The Girl with the...
    Every scream. Every threat. Every shout. Every tear. Every fear. It all comes down to her. The girl with the red eyes. Warning: Contains some violence.
  • Rhea Grace
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    Hi, I somehow can't see the newest chapter.
    STARS *Catching Paper*
    STARS *Catching...
    In the future city of Circino, there are no stars, no specks of light in the full place. Publics and Peasants are forced into work as the Privates live their lives of luxury. They say no one can escape,...
    Le Fox
    há 5 anos atrás
    Yeah, I have some in drafts, but haven't published them. I don't want to, not just yet: God, I think I've lost all my editing skills in one paragraph.

    Anyway, yeah. It should be updated soon, though.
  • Rhea Grace
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    Absolutely amazing!
    Immortality was given as a gift to the race of Guardians for their help in a war millenniums ago. But when the immortal race begin to be murdered, the rulers of Albyn will do anything to cover it up. They...
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    I'm glad you enjoyed it :3
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