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Ahh, Iced coffee - the most important meal of the day!
I don't have a type. If I like you, I like you.
Regardless of what you think, I believe you are amazing.

  • Rain :)
    há 3 dias atrás Responder
    Hey! How are you going? Just thought I'd drop you a line to say, I was looking through your stories and I came across the Smile one. It is incredibly uplifting and I just want to thank you for writing it. ♡
  • Rain :)
    há 3 dias atrás Responder
    Oh my goodness! These drawings are AWESOME!! My favourite is the 'should have stayed single' well, it is so far.... I havent finished looking through them all yet! ♡
    Drawings of Maria (and sometimes other stuff if you're really lucky)
    Drawings of Maria...
    This is where I keep all the drawings of my character, Maria McCammon, also known as Anna Lansfield. She's a buxom chick with big poofy hair. I also draw some other stuff sometimes, but a title's meant...
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