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I have a secret obsession with photography
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HayHay, Millie, Becca, Liyah, L, and Mari are all sisters.
My favorite song right now: Meet Me In The Hallway and Only Angel by HARRY STYLES!!!

I think I'm misunderstood by many for being weird. My weirdness is how I spread love. If you really know me, you know what I'm talking about.

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    mumbled "I'm back...kindaa"

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    Hey guys (the small amount of readers i have) I know I haven't updated my stories in forever and that's because I've busy with a lot of stuff. However, Chapter 4 of Rediscovered Love is published and I'd really appreciate it if you guys would check it out.

    If you haven't read it all, please do and give feedback. Feedback is important to me. Thank you!
    Y I K E S
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    Thank you, I hope the same for you
    Queen.Ali Styles
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    thank you
    Y I K E S
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    of course :)
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    Thxs for the review.
    Zireee's Story Review (CLOSED)
    Zireee's Story Rev...
    Hi! If you want more views and you want feedback on your story, hit me up on here and you'll get my honest opinion on it!
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    you're welcome!
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