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Heya, If you already didn't know I am a typical fangirl

I am privileged to say this but I have been able to see One Direction twice in concert for free because of my kwl friends. I went to see them on the 19th of March 2013 and on the 13th of April 2013 for the Take Me Home Concert.

I Would like to thank every single one of you for being my fan's and reading my Movellas because I put a lot of time and effort in all of them and I am glad people like them.

If you want a personalized imagine put your name down in the comment section of my movellas "Just for you! One Direction imagine."

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    mumbled "Have a read! 📓📚📖"

    Please have a read of my new fanfic "The neon lights" if you haven't! Please �� and if you like it would you tell your friends to have a read �� love you all xxx
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    would love to have a read I will read it as soon as I can when I'm free babe xxx
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    Aw thanks �� xx
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    mumbled "Sorry again!"

    I bet everyone is pissed off because they want more of "the neon lights " fanfic but I have had seriously no time! I really love this fanfic and I want to carry it on but I have had no time! I am shattered! I have been doing work experience for two weeks solid and I am doing archiolagy and it is harder than it looks! Time team is more like a Micky take! My back hurts.. Neck hurts, sunburnt, shattered... But made some friends and had sucha. A laugh! We are close to the six week Holliday and I will get time to write llloooaaaaddddssss of the fanfic! I can't wait ! Thank you all for being understanding xx
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