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I really enjoy writing and reading.
Cover making and photography.
Sponge Bod Square Pants is such a fun character.

I'm dyslexic but i still try and write my minds thought out.

I love music, im not really fussy. I enjoy the tunes the bands and singers make rather than the band (if you get my drift)

I have a dog he is cute and i love him.

i love colour and im happy with myself.

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    That Prologue is deep; and true.

    This is a lovely piece of writing. :)
    The Third Door [Final Edit]
    The Third Door [Fi...
    "I died. Now I live. But I live within the boundaries of my head. What happens on the outside is beyond my control." The boundaries of Volina's head expand far further than most, spanning two realities,...
    May Hayashi
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    Thank you :)
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    *(Movellas is awesome)* sung to everything is awesome lego movie song
    Why Movellas Rules!
    Why Movellas Rules...
    Why look at the negatives when you can look at the positives? :)
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    mumbled "Hi all"

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    SorrivI've been away for ages. I'm coming back to movellas yeah, I have new better stories for ya. So stay tuned I'm hoping to upload soon.


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