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Hi! I'm Ellen and I live in England. Currently, writing about a dead girl. [ SIX FEET ABOVE ]


{ A harsh realisation had conjured itself in her mind. Like the slaves, she too had been taken as plunder from another land. As if she were a reward for Jason completing the three tasks her father had set. Three tasks that Jason would never have fulfilled, if not for Medea's quick wit and cunningness. The thought that she was merely a possession angered her. He had stolen her away from her homeland, isolating her from any family. Now that he'd had his fun, he'd thrown her away. There was nobody she could turn to.

It was likely that Jason still thought Medea was madly in love. The kind of love that would posses her to grant him with the flame of Prometheus, had he needed it. Unfortunately, the flame in her breast she had once kindled for him was burned out. Replaced, instead, by a furious spirit. One that even the Erinyes would tremble from. Her rage coursed through her, vengeance begged to be released. Jason's punishment would be just, and well deserved. }

Fallen From Grace is on hold indefinitely (I'm so sorry guys!). I just don't have the motivation for it right now, however, I won't take it down.

As of 2016, I'll be a university student studying Classical Civilisation (ancient Greece and Rome - that sorta stuff) - I'm SUPER excited!

#1 fan of my homegirl's works <3 I recommend you reading her works! (@gloreearh)

Have a wonderful day, and I hope you enjoy reading my stories xo

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