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  • Nicolino
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    Long time, no see".... as if she’d practiced them since she got the gift to speak. I reached down to lay a small bouquet of flowers by her grave, with a faint smile on...

    "Long time no see"
    n. Schmidt
    Story Reviews
    Story Reviews
    Do you need some motivation or a moral boost? Do you want to know what someone else thinks of your Movella? Well, here is your chance! Free and quick reviews for your writing! I will probably get back...
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    Thank you, I´m excited :)
    há 4 anos atrás
    Thank you so much for the review, Im happy that you like it :D
    it's not based on a real-life experience. I can't even remember when i wrote it ( i found it in a stack of documents on my mac and published it right away ), I also used a lot of time to find the right words and making the story feel real. :) i glad you like it
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