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    Jaimie W, Nialler please tanks can be dirty or not
    One Direction - Fan Fiction
    One Direction -...
    I will be writing fan fictions for you guys! Please comment your name and last name initial and your One Direction member (: But I prefer you to Kik me, if you do, I will make your fan fiction sooner....
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    Ong this story is awesome please keep writing!!!!
    Promises *A Niall Horan Love Story*
    Promises *A Niall...
    Jamie Sullivan has always been a daddy's girl. He promised her he loved her. He promised her he'd never hurt her. But promises are meant to be broken. Unable to tolerate the abuse anymore, she runs away...and...
  • Niallers Princess 1309
    Good luck on ur exams hope u do well an also as soon as u can please please please update I love it and who gives about gramma mistakes and stuff so don't worry bout it!!!!! Xxxx
    nothing but you
    nothing but you
    niall has been dreaming about a girl that he has never met before and that girl has been dreaming about him too but she knows who he is will they ever meet or will they just be hanging around in their...
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    Lol thanks xxxxx :) ill try my best to update it :). I'm glad u like it xD hhhhh thanks again :)
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    Comeon update please this is the best I can't stop reading!!!!!!!
    Dont you remember ~ 1D
    Dont you remember...
    The bestfriend to Niall Horan is Rhea, a special girl from Mullingar. Rhea is not a girl who looks like all the other girls. Rhea is a girl who is full of life and she have green hair. Rhea and Niall has...
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