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I'll take requests for fanfics
Just comment: name, age, personality (more descriptive than that), eye color, hair color, style, boy or boys, any relation to any of the girls (Eleanor, Perrie etc.)
Comment on my most recent fanfic "If We Ever Meet Again"

  • Niall wants my Nando's
    This is so amazing!!!!! Please update!!!!!
    My demon, His angel
    My demon, His ange...
    The blurb was to long so it's in the first chapter --- Aerobella White. She's living the simple life of an eighteen year old. She's enrolled in online classes, she has friends, things a normal person...
    1Direction infection
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    I will, thank youu :D x
  • Niall wants my Nando's
    I really don't get why she's so mad at Liam all he did was say he loved her and he kissed her
    If he did it to me I'd be a little mad but I wouldn't be that mad and say I hate him
    He really didn't do anything wrong he confessed his feelings for her and did a dare I mean she's overreacting
    No hate I love this fanfic I'm just kind of on Liam's side I just feel really bad for him
    Lol you're such an amazing writer
    Little White Lies
    Little White Lies
    "Don't. Niall! Don't!" I screamed as I saw Niall, fighting with Karl Dardison, my bully. "I know now, Amber, and I can't resist the fact that you've been bullied." I shouted, "Niall, it's okay! Please...
  • Niall wants my Nando's
    This is so amazing
    Literally the ONLY fanfic that's made me cry
    Kick A$$ (Harry Styles Fan Fic)
    Kick A$$ (Harry...
    "Kam, you see that guy over there?" Jami pointed to a familiar guy dancing with two girls. "He's a boxer, you two should so get together." I rolled my eyes, the one and only Harry Styles. "I'd rather fight...

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