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Hi! Megan here! Few things to know about me.

1) I love to write stories. Some are good some are terrible. Bare with me!
2) My Favorite animal is a wolf (Hence my Pen name and prof. pic)
3) I am a huge Huger Games fan.
Fave Quote: It takes ten times as long to put yourself back together than it is to fall apart. -Finnick Odair
4) I love my fans! As every other person should.
5)Hmm. I am extremely Addicted to Dr. Pepper. Literally!

I know that's only five things about me, but oh well!


  • NeonWolf
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    Liked and Faved! But you NEED to UPDATE! :)
    This Isn't A Love Story
    This Isn't A Love...
    "Oh, Kassy," His green eyes twinkled a little as he smirked down at me. "The good girl always falls for the bad boy." I ground my teeth together and clenched my fists, staring up at him with dark eyes....
  • NeonWolf
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    This is an amazing poem. I truly wish I could write a beautiful poem like this. I really am in love with the last stanza and I know it will be stuck in my head for the rest of my day! :)
    Living for Others
    Living for Others
    I was inspired to write this poem, by a famous quote that has stuck with me for years. 'Only a life lived for others is a life worthwhile.' This quote also relates to 'Happiness is nothing unless you have...
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    haha thank you so much for your kind words. It means a lot to me to receive such positive feedback :)
  • NeonWolf

    mumbled "Stories"

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    Okay so i've been having a lot of ideas for new stories ranging from dragons to mermaids to regular human stories. So I should soon have more of my creations for my fans to hopefully enjoy! Just wanted to give everyone a heads up! :)
    há 7 anos atrás
    Ok...Um...Will you send me a link to your story when you start one? Please? I like reading stories and books so I'll read it...
    Skylar Black
    há 7 anos atrás
    If you were writing a dragon story and needed a co-author I wouldn't mind doing it. :)
    há 6 anos atrás
    Can you plz do a vampire or zombie book I love
    Them and I love ya books I'm a huge fan and I love wolfs thay so
  • NeonWolf
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    I like this story so much already! Thanks for adding Lone Wolf to your favorites and for fanning me!! Oh and one more thing.....UPDATE!
    my lover's a vampire
    my lover's a vampi...
    Brooke was just a normal girl in love, a huge fan of one direction and a girl who loved to sing. But when she tells Logan that she's leaving Portland Oregon to find a place to live and be free, go to...
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