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~Picture is not of me~ Normal? Please. Normal is definitely not the correct term to describe her, much less use the term around her. She's unique, she's passionate, and she knows what she wants to do in her lifetime. She's not afraid of standing up for what she feels is right, and will always defend her friends until the end. Her name is Christa. She is a fifteen year old tumblr addict with a dream of becoming a pediatrician. She dabbles in writing and photography, and plays sports such as softball and soccer. Her music taste is definitely something out of the ordinary, and covers all ranges from pop, to country, to rock n' roll. Her favorite band is Black Veil Brides, her favorite pop singer is Bruno Mars, and her favorite up and coming band is Before You Exit. She's destined to marry George Shelley....your argument is totally invalid. Once you click that sexy blue button, you become her birdie. She will never judge you if you ever need to talk, and is always here for anyone that needs it. ♥

~Copy and pasted from my Quizazz account! :D ~

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