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Movella's goal:

Dean, Sam, Cas basically just name all of the Supernatural cast and right there are my favorite people ever

Supernatural and One Direction

Saw 1D 7/15/15

  • Sammy R.
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    Vegemite (thanks for letting me stay up to 4 in the morning ( =^.^= )
    You were ten when you left Sydney, left everything behind. You left your best mate and hoping to forget about him. Maybe leaving was better after all, maybe not. But when you return five years later and...
  • Sammy R.

    mumbled "New Life "

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    Hello there to all the people reading this and probably gonna be the only person reading this xD Well by the title of this mumble, I started " New Life " I hope you guys like it!
    ~Sammy xx
    p.s sorry for the short chapter
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    update or I might have to kill you ;3
    Why!? Sequel to Niall I Changed Get Over It
    Why!? Sequel to...
    Hey it's me Cierra. It's been a year after me and Harry broke up. I feel like something is going on tho. Like why would he brake up with me me out of the blue. I'm going to get to the bottom of this.
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    Lol. Whale I was at camp and they took our phones. So yeah.
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