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    Eye color- green Hair color - brown and curly with blond heigh light Hieght is 5"6 and i want to date harry
    Forever and Always
    Forever and Always
    "Your my forever and always" Niall said That text was sent to kat 3 years ago when niall and Kat were dating. What happens when she finds out she was pregnant with nialls child 3 years ago. Kat wins 1D...
  • mooncrushed
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    Name: shayli- eye color crystle blue- medium hair- and dirt blonde
    Kidnapped with 1D (Harry Styles fan-fic)
    Kidnapped with 1D...
    I was walking home and then I felt like I was being watched……. I turned around and there standing right in front of me was a tall kid about my age and he was pretty damn cute…..that was until what he did...
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