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~So what if I don't a lot to talk about? I shut my mouth and keep it locked until it counts. So what if I don't ever want to leave my house? Stay on the couch while all my friends are going out. ~
I love books and bands.
Books: twilight, hunger games, divergent, beautiful creatures, fallen, red rising, speak, before I fall, the maze runner, marked and many many more! (I am a bookworm as you can see)
Music: paramore, fall out boy, panic! at the disco, tonight alive, my chemical romance, twenty one pilots, evanescence, green day, linkin park, bring me the horizon, skillet, avril lavigne and many more!

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    mumbled "I am going to miss Jeremy. "

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    That's for sure. He was a really important part of the band and I wish that he will find happiness in whatever he does. But I can't stop thinking about Hayley and Taylor right now. This is really painful for them and all the negative critism is awful and stupid, as it is not their fault. It was his decision and they respect it. PARAMORE IS A BAND. And they are the spark that keeps us going.
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    What are you reading right now?

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    So, what are you reading right now? Any good recommendations?
    currently reading: the fault in our stars
    going to read next: starters
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    Currently reading: Heist Society
    Next up: Uncommon Criminals
    I just hope that it gets here before I finish Heist Society :/
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    I'm currently reading Marissa Meyer's Scarlet, the second book of the Lunar Chronicles, my librarian got me into it recently but I've been dancing around it after getting half way through the book.
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    I am reading: The Son Of Neptune
    Next I will read: whatever I find on my book shelves???
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