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Be the side-character everyone loves

Hiya! I'm May, I'm your resident transgender, lesbian, Christian, feminist, singing. song-writing, poet.
If you have any questions about any of that, feel free to ask.
Expect poems and stories of joy and freedom.
I am...technically the same person as Parsavagely...but also's complicated.

Vocaloids (Megurine Luka <3)
Area 11
James Bay
Frank Turner
Esmé Patterson
+ Basically any artist or band - I like most genres.

TV shows/anime:
Doctor Who
SAO (I and II)
Angel Beats!
Hibike! Euphonium (1 & 2)
Haruhi Suzimiya
[Attack on Titan is on my to watch list]

Anyway, enjoy my many writings!!

Poem of the Day: A Reflection

por , Domingo Janeiro 22, 2017
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Poem of the Day: A Reflection



750 days later...

Writing a poem every day is tough, but is it worth it?

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  • May Hayashi

    mumbled "I have published 1000 poems"

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    So although my poem of the day is not yet at 1000 (It's getting close though) in total, I have now published 1000 poems on Hello Poetry! Pretty exciting - if you wanna check them out and get some retro "Parsavagely" vibes, check out my HP account here:
    (My profile pic is the first one I used for Movellas!)

    So yeah, that's a lot of poems...AND I'M NOT DONE YET :P
    há 2 anos atrás
    Congrats thats amazing♡
  • May Hayashi

    mumbled "This song means so much to me"

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    Get Better by Frank Turner came at the perfect time for me.
    I was on the edge, I knew I needed to change to be happy, but I didn't believe I could.
    I could see two futures, one was easy and the other was terrifying - but the easy route was shorter.
    I had no self-belief, no expectations, no goal.
    The lyrics of this song spoke to me like nothing before it.
    And now, here I am.
    I'm going to the university I dreamed of
    I have a plan for my future
    I've changed my name and appearance
    I've become a girl
    And not only that
    I am a HAPPY girl
    Of course - the road doesn't end here
    I'm not perfect,
    but I can still get better
    I will KEEP getting better
    Because I'm not dead yet.

  • May Hayashi


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    So, on Thursday I will find out if I have done enough to get into university - how I will react to the result I have no idea but I may well be either bouncing of the walls or crying for days. Whatever the result though, I will be able to (finally) show you guys what I wrote for my Creative Writing A-level

    So, mark it on your diary, THURSDAY 17TH AUGUST, for a cute little story, a series of poems and a partially complete playscript
    the force of storms
    há 2 anos atrás
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    Good luck in advance for your results! :) My GCSE results day is in just under two weeks and I'm dreading it, so I can understand how you're feeling xD
    May Hayashi
    há 2 anos atrás
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    Thank you, and good luck to you too
  • May Hayashi

    mumbled "Hi all my beautiful friends!"

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    I have been away from here for way too long - you may have noticed a few poems have been added to my Poem of the Day, and if you have, you may also have noticed that they only go up to poem 900 (which is over a month ago).

    Basically, my intention was to catch up and give you all the poems in one go, but it's taking longer than I thought so I thought I'd give you at least up to 900 :) Please read them, leave feedback etc. - I do still take that stuff on board when I get it.

    My intention now is to target being entirely up to date by the 18th September - why? Because that is the day I should write my 1000th poem. I have a schedule set up to ensure I succeed at this, with some leeway so by a week or so before I should be AHEAD of schedule (should be).

    For utter transparency, I have just written poem 920, so I am still a long way behind, but as long as I stick to my plan all will be well :)

    This is kind of feeling a bit nanowrimo-y...
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