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Woah! Hi there, if you are reading this, it means you are looking at my account, so thanks in advance. If you don't know me yet, drop me a comment or something, you can call me Fox, Matt, Nixie or whatever you think will suit me.

It feels like years ago when I wrote my first stories and started reading other's stories, but alas, I feel that I have grown from when I first read Erin Hunter. My favorite authors at the moment are David Clement-Davies and Stephen King (On Writing).

I mainly write fiction and sometimes manuscripts in the genres of Fantasy, Science Fiction, Mystery and even Fan Fiction (when I feel like it, and none has been published here... Yet).

My dream is to be able to live from my writings, but I usually say that as long as I have butter on my bread, I will keep writing.

UNLOCK: Summer hiatus, because I'm losing my head start.



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    mumbled "One year!"

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    Today the 19th of February, it has been exactly one year since I joined Movellas. To celebrate with my fantastic fans, I now give you the first Unlock T-shirt (or hoodie), featuring our favourite rodent, Kio. Buy it now at!

    Unlock: My beta is still quite busy, but I hope to get a hold on a couple of edited chapters before the end of this month! Happy one year!