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Just another normal Movellian... ^_^

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    mumbled "...Well...I think this is good-bye... :)"

    To be very honest, I haven't been on Movellas for more than a year now. And for that, I think I'd like to start fresh - like maybe make new account after deactivating this one. It was fun when I was addicted to this site. Maybe I just might not come back on here. Either way, it was fun meeting everyone and it's nice to know people like what you write. :)
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    YAY!!! CREEPYPASTA!!! I mean, cool story so far! :3 :3 :3
    Bleeding Hearts: A Creepypasta Fanfiction
    Bleeding Hearts:...
    Winter Snow, the cousin of Jeff the Killer, has discovered the forest where Slenderman and Jeff live. Rather than killing her, Jeff chooses that she is to stay in the forest for the rest of her life, and...
    Lapis Lazuli
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    Thanks! :)
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    Wow! You have awesome drawing skills! I wish I could draw like that! :D :P
    Victoriana (Manga)
    Victoriana (Manga)
    The Manga version of the Movella! (also the first original manga on Movellas ;) ) Drawn by yours truly. To read the first three chapters of Victoriana, please go here:
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    Thank you! :)
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    Omg! Yay! You updated! You are the best writer EVAH!!! XD
    Me while readin the first two Chapters: *faint* xP
    When Stars Shine (OneDirection/Werewolf)
    When Stars Shine...
    I stood outside looking at the forest. Letting out a breath, noticing a smokey type substance. I stepped down onto a stair and sat down, letting the wet snow soak into my clothes. I pulled my hair infront...