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I'm a Swiftie and a Champ in the Flight Crew who loves Darling Parade and Jamestown Story. I'm lucky enough to be different, so I don't want to change. I'm also an aspiring writer who takes inspiration from Julie Kagawa.

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    Looking for a Writer Buddy! :3

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    So, I haven't been on here in about 3 years. I've grown a lot in that time.

    I'm looking for a writer buddy that I can bounce ideas back on forth with, and someone who can offer criticism. I can do the same in return!

    This is also to help with motivation during the tough parts of writing a novel.

    Anyone interested?
    há 2 anos atrás
    I would love to help! i have only been on here for a bit. i have wrote 3 stories if you wouldnt mind reading them and letting me know what you think!?! i would love to help you!
    há 2 anos atrás
    I wouldn't mind helping. I'm just a day old on the website, but am currently writing a story. I hope you wouldn't mind reading my story, and I would love to help you!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    há 2 anos atrás
    I would really like to help! ;3
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    mumbled "My Best Friend's Birthday"

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    So my mom and I went shopping for a gift for my best friend. We went to Hot Topic planning to spend about $20 or so on her present. Nope. For her gift we spent $41.75. My mom got a shirt and I got two (there was a sale) so all together we spent somewhere around $88.
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    mumbled "The Grocery Store Sotry."

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    I went to the grocery store with my mom, and I took my notebook and pen. I was standing there, writing, waiting for my mom, and I heard some guy behind me laughing. I ignored it. Not even 10 minutes later, we found this contest thing. You fill out a little slip of paper and put it in the box and you could win a year of free groceries. And guess what? Someone had stolen the pen. So, thanks to me and my newly found need to have a notebook and pen on me at all times, we were able to enter for it.
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    Her New Book

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    Have any of you read her new book The Iron Traitor yet? It is the much needed most recent installation in the Iron Fey Series.
    há 6 anos atrás
    Oh, I read the first one, "The Lost Prince."
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