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My other account for my more morbid and/or detailed works, I hope you enjoy. Also, guess the name of my real account and I'll write one for you! Hints:

1) I love anime, Manga, creepy pasta, and listening to music.
2) username = Devil Is A Part Timer!
3) my real username for every account is the same.
4) I draw.
5) I write Black Butler and Dragon Ball Z fan fics

  • Lucifier's girl 666

    mumbled "Hi Guys!"

    Hey people, I have an anime 1 shot request book, you guys know how this works but I ust want ya'll to know;
    request a ship I might know of, and I will try Yoai.
    If you know what that is, then Comment away! Me out!
    Lucifier's girl 666
    há 5 anos atrás
    I'll see what I can do my friend! ;)
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