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Hi, I'm Brittney. I'm just here to write and spread good vibes... And uh, try to disregard a lot of my old stuff, I was and still am very cringey

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    I'm back, I dunno if that's a big deal, but i plan to re invent my whole profile since it's been so long... Probably delete a ton of stories so there's that heh. Feels good to be back though
    Finchy McFincherson
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    Welcome back! Always a pleasure to get another movellian back.
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    Oh, thanks!
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    Alright soooo I've been working on two stories that are extremely dear to me... that need covers. If anyone knows where to find a cover store,where it isn't completely crazy with a million year waiting list, I will give you entire credit of helping me : )
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    It's so adorable X3
    Stay Forever With Me (Third book of the My Secret Best Friend series)
    Stay Forever With...
    Jacob and Dylan Colley (Formerly Bells) are settled into a nice home in Miami Florida only a few streets away from Jacob's real family. Dylan has changed from when she was seventeen years old. When she...
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    Do me a huge favor. Please go look at my story Just a Special message, you don't have to do anything but read it, please. You all need to know this, okay?
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