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    I really love the beginning! :D
    Babe ... I Love You
    Babe ... I Love...
    Savana Manson ran away from her home because her father abused her. Her mother was to drunk to even notice all Savana's bruises. When she goes to school people bully her. When Savana uses the rest of...
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    I love it!! :D
    Back For You
    Back For You
    Eliza was always the girl to get bullied and picked on after she is left by her best friend Zayn Malik as he takes his chances on the X-factor but after two years of being away he comes back.Does Zayn...
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    Could you do one for my friend Denise she likes this stories so Much so this could be a surprise for her :) All boys her and a girl teacher in detention I think she said she likes that! Thank you :D
    One Direction Sexual Frustrations (15+)
    One Direction Sexu...
    Sexual One Shots on all the boys:) 15 and above due to the sexual frustrations. All the one shots in this movella do not belong to me, they belong to the tumblr blog >
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    How old is Lily?
    Elemental: Chosen One
    Elemental: Chosen...
    When Lily's parents send her off to a new boarding school she discovers that the school is for...different kids. By different kids, she means kids who wield powers of elements. Fire, Water, Earth, Light,...
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    they're all teenegers round about 17-18
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