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Books give us a portal to a different world.

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    mumbled "something good"

    ok so ive been ready actual books, like paper that you flip. and i just got done reading The Pregnancy Project a memoir by Gaby Rodriguez and you should totally ready this. its amazing, and it has me thinking of my senior project next year, this project was already taken so i cant do this one. so if im not on im study for my act test, my finals, and my state tests; in addition to finding out my idea for my senior project.
    Victoria Wethers
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    -Home relaxing for the day. Dad is making slow progress which is normal with traumatic head injury. Currently he is receiving treatment for phenomia which unfortunately seems to happen very often and because he had been fighting a cold prior to his fall, it was easy for his body to trend toward his lungs. It will be about a week to get rid of it. He is a very strong and healthy 78 yr old farmer who has boundless determination. He has been through hell and back during his life and has survived things that others may not have. He has a huge support group of family and friends that are here to help him make a recovery so he can continue to enjoy time with his grandchildren, great grandchildren, and all others. I am very thankfull for so many people who love him and our family and have been there for us during the last 10 days. Thank you everyone
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    Oh my I'm so happy he's doing amazing.
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    hey i updated
    Protective Alpha
    Protective Alpha
    Like wolves? Like love stories? Read this! NOW! Dustin aka puppy runs away from home or her prison. she runs until she collapses. the beta of River Rock pack, Jacob, he brings her to his alpha. Where...
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    mumbled "what up"

    so yeah my sister has recently told me that i need to mumble more..... me personally i dont like to.........i dont even know what to write bout. @[Victoria Wethers] <---my sister. yeah shes amazing! if you guys arent following her follow her now or i will find u and i will kill you in your sleep.... okay im bluffin i cant hurt a fly.... but seriously follow her like now.
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    mumbled "stress"

    ok my fellow movellians i am terribly sorry for not being on. i have moved. there has been death in my dear family. my whole life has turned upside down. im competely sorry!!
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    mumbled "co-author flier"

    so i need help.... okay maybe some mental too.... but any who i need help with a co-author if interested please fan me and add comments here
    - loversformagainst
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