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I'm Enjoying Life while I still have and know it!

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    Best Movella ever
    The Kiss that Opened my Door
    The Kiss that Open...
    "Jeremy. . . No. . . St-. . . Stop!" I burst into tears, as Jeremy slid his soft big hands across my body while bitting my chest. "I-. . . It hurts. . . Stop." "It sounds like you are enjoying it. And...
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    Percy Jackson Roleplay

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    Heres my Person:

    Name: Travis
    Age: 18
    Sexuality(Gay,Bisexual,Lesbian,Straight): Bisexual
    Looks: Will Mumble
    How Long You have been at Camp Half Blood: His whole life
    c'mon now
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    "Nice." Raina smiles
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    She walks over and drops her broken and soaking wet hairbrush on the ground in front of Travis. "Tell Percy to stop breaking my stuff! This is my fifth hairbrush!"
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    Travis laughs "ok madam" he blindfolds Percy and puts him in a dark room with only one light" STOP BREAKING STUFF YOU ARSE!" He yells and throws him at Annabeth "Take him away" he says
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