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I'm Ashley, and my life revolves around 5 homosexuals and 1 ginger Jesus. I'm up to talk to anyone if they need it. You're beautfiful my love, always remember that. God bless. <3

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    I have a new Movella up and ready for veiwers! It's called Disorder, mind checking it out? You don't have to rate it, but I would LOVE if more people read it! It's quite different, and the plot that I have planned out is very interesting! Great story for anyone, even if they don't like One Direction :)
    DisorderWe're all a little crazy on the inside.
    <<< Check it out! :)
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    Here to give the movellas with less viewers a chance and for everyone to find new movellas to read. I'll be looking at movellas from the group "New Movellians." Or... Nominations from the comments. I can...
    αѕнley ѕнeerαɴ-нorαyɴe
    Wasn't bragging but okaaay. Just giving a blurb of it! Much different from bragging!
    Kelly G
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    Sure, we can check it out :)
    αѕнley ѕнeerαɴ-нorαyɴe
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    Doooo you think you could update? :)
    Signed In Ink?
    Signed In Ink?
    Sarah was brought up in a devout Protestant household, where she was always the good girl. Never smoked, went to church every Sunday, and followed the Ten Commandments. Well, until her eighteenth birthday,...
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