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Real name: Lauren. Half Irish, live in Doncaster England. LOVE music, art, Doctor who, Merlin, 5SOS, Magcon boys, Thomas Sanders and HarryPotter��

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    Title: Baby Pond
    Author: RYCBAR1-2-3
    Ideas: 11th doctor?
    Summary: amy and Rory have a kid and when she turns 17 the doctor comes back to see her. They travel and fall in love.
    ~thank you if you can make it~
    Sky's Covers
    Sky's Covers
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    Chrissy Sky
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    Your cover is done, sorry for the long wait. :)
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    Username: RYCBAR1-2-3
    Title: Baby Pond
    Blurb: 10 years after Amy and Rory depart from the doctor, Amy "ate a planet". That planet turned out to be a little girl.
    A baby.
    Daisy Williams.
    Baby Pond.
    What happens when she meets the doctor?
    Ideas: a girl and Matt smith (preferably��)
    Genre: fantasy/teen fiction
    Mood: happy, sad, space-y I guess
    Quote: Where's Baby Pond?
    Setting: Earth(may times), space, different planets
    :: covers ::
    :: covers ::
    hey there c: 6th most popular cover store
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    I'll try on this, it sounds interesting. Get on it when I'm done with other covers. :)
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    Yeah I know most of you don't care but I need to let it all out.

    I can't do this anymore, I'm tired of lying, crying, fighting... In school I'm happy, with fir ends I'm hyper, with my family I'm smiling but when I'm alone? All I think about is how worthless I am... Anyone could replace me any day with someone better.

    Okay so ya know I'm sorry I'm just writing it all on here for you lot who don't really care to see.
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