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Hi, my names Sophie. I live in Australia. Im 15.My hobbies include: playing cricket:), singing, hanging upside down in trees, climbing anything I can. I am single (not that it matters). I would really like to get to 35 fans, it would be awesome. Please follow and don't hate.

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    So far this book is so cool, it's captivating and exhilarating.... Please update
    My roommate~ Harry Styles.
    My roommate~ Harry...
    Harry smirked, pulling me firmly by my waist."Why can't you just admit you have feelings for me?" "Oh, so you want me to lie now?" ~~~~~~~~~~~
  • larry_stylinson_19
    THANK YOU!! If you had all the money in world what would you do with it and why??
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    Questions and Answ...
    You guys comment questions then I put the question and the Answer Sounds good?
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