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I love One Direction and live in the United States and I have wavy hair!
Im actually 18 years old

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    At first i didnt like it BUT now i LOVE IT ALOT!!!! Update Update Update plz
    The Bar Owner's Daughter
    The Bar Owner's...
    Clarke Stevenson is the daughter of the owner of the popular bar in London. Ever since she was 16 she would watch a local guy, Harry Styles get drunk and get into bar fights. One night after a violent...
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    Haha thank you so much!
  • 1D Hazza 13357
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    It might be too late to say this but please update u love this and you might not respond pr u stopped being on movellas but i love this story so plz update!!!!!!��������
    Forty Two
    Forty Two
    Forty two days. That was all the time I had left in this world. My sickness is getting stronger and consequently I am getting weaker. So I promised myself I wouldn't start anything new, nothing I wouldn't...
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