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  • K. B. Edge
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    Pleeaassseeeeeeeeeee update
    Wrapped Around Your Finger *UNPREDICTABLE Sequel*
    Wrapped Around You...
    This is the sequel to UNPREDICTABLE so if you haven't read that, go do so. You won't understand this book if you haven't read this one.
    Savannah Hemmings 💖
    há 5 anos atrás
    writing a new chapter right now. it may be up tonight. if it is, listen to 'A trophy fathers trophy son' by sws while you read it!
  • K. B. Edge
    há 5 anos atrásResponder
    God!! Please update it's amazing!!!!!
    I Love You, Present Tense
    I Love You, Presen...
    Jacki was just another fangirl in the crowd. Never to be noticed and never to be seen. But when One Direction and 5 Seconds of Summer came to Boston for their ‘Take Me Home Tour’, her whole world changed...
    há 5 anos atrás
    thanks babe! I update every weekend just keep a lookout for the next chapter! :) <3
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