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Im a normal girl that plays video games. But i mostly love medieval stories and games like D&D. I mostly love to rock climb. I read a lot on my on time but mostly trying to get my art better and become a artiest and maybe a author. I write stories for fun and have people enjoy my books. The show's I watch is mostly anime. Like Fairy tail, Yuri on ice is my favorite romance. I also watch doctor who, Grimm. The kind of book's I read is adventure, action, a little of romance and horror.

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    Hey guys i see you really like my book and i'm probably not going to work hard on it and start a new series but i well finish one but it's not my big project any more and i well maybe hoping i well update it every week or mont i don't know yet. But the new seires is going to be like this but way different and it deals with more things then just finding a princess and saving a kingdom and it well deal with stuff i well make my own language that is the magic and a lot of things that make you think and a lot of imaginary while i make this series i also be working on my comic book that i'm think making or going back to work on my art stuff instead or at the same time i don't know but hey if you guys want to give me ideas on the new series go ahead or instead this one please i well love to use your guys idea thank you so much and you guys are awesome.
    The missing queen
    The missing queen
    In Stormwind kingdom their was a king who was beloved by his kingdom. As he grew old he would hand to he's crown and Stormwind to he's oldest daughter Irene. younger sister Alyda had become jealous and...
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