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I need help. I need help. Professional help. I need help for my anxiety, but I'm to scared to tell anyone. I need help for my PTSD, but I'm to traumatized to talk about it. I need help to get control over my life, but I want to be in control so much I'm scared to let someone take over or tell me what to do. I need help with my depression, but I'm to depressed to get out of bed. How am I still alive? I don't wanna life. I don't wanna be in this cruel world that has been torturing me for 5 years anymore. So why am I not dead yet? I guess my anxiety stopped me. I'm scared to die but I guess everyone is a little. I'm scared to kill myself because what if I fail. People will talk. Think I'm not strong enough to live. They'll tell me everyone has a hard time sometimes and I have to just suck it up and keep going. I just need to choose to be happy cause that's what people who've never been through this think this is. For everyone who doesn't understand. Depression is hard. It's even harder to talk about. It's not just a simple fase that you'll get through. Depression is the choice between life and death where life doesn't give you anything so why not be death. Depression is going from being the sweet girl that's always happy and a little naive, the person who always sees the best in people and life and the one that never worries to a constant darkness. Depression is like falling in a hole. Not being able to get out and then you finally find a way. So you start climbing up and you keep going no matter how hard it is. You know you can't stop cause if you do you're lost. You're almost at the top and then right before you reach it you fall back down all the way. The way of climbing up falls down too so you have to find another way. There's no one there, no one can hear you. You're laying there. Slowly dying. Anxiety is even worse. Cause no one understands this. So I'll try to explain. Read it carefully and keep it in mind the next time someone talks about it. Anxiety is weird. It's being scared of going out. Being scared of doing something shameful. Being scared of the way you look. Being scared of failing. Being scared of dying. Being scared of living. Being scared of needing help. Being scared to talk. Anxiety is something that's hard to get over. Anxiety is hard to explain. You know you're a scared but why??? Anxiety is being scared to get help. It's being scared of everything. Being overwhelmed a lot. Having panic attacks. It's being scared to call someone. Being scared to talk to someone about a problem. It's being scared to tell someone you're not okay. Anxiety is when you keep going even though youre that sick you can't eat anything. But you keep going cause you're scared to tell anyone. There are a lot of versions of anxiety and it doesn't matter which be someone has. That person needs someone to support them and understand that it's hard. For the people who are going through a depression. GET HELP!!! I just told my mom and even that helps. All I did was ask her to make an appointment with a doctor. It's really important to ask for help. Talk to someone you trust. Before you start doing the harmful stuff. Hurting yourself or even killing yourself. And if someone doesn't understand just keep in mind that they don't know how you feel and that they would if they went through it. Please understand. Please get help. Love, JJ

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