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    mumbled "Why did I do this?"

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    Oh wow, I haven't been on this website in forever xD. I would like to thank all of you who read my poetry from when I was an angsty teen and not making fun of me for it. Sadly, I am unpublishing said poetry because I'm going to be using it in a project.
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    mumbled "Happy New Year Everyone!"

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    Wow, I've been away for forever. Maybe if I make going onto Movellas more often one of my New Years resolutions, I'll stick to it. Fingers crossed!
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    Dear fellow Movellians,
    Chapter nine shall be updated shortly (I'm meant to be packing because I'm moving but, that's not happening ;D). I'm not actually sure if anyone is actually reading this anymore but, if there is anyone still reading this story, I plan to update more recently (hopefully at least once a week so, fingers crossed that that works out). Anyway, this turned out longer than I expected...oh! side note, if you didn't notice my Author's Note on Chapter Eight, I will be accepting ideas for this book because I'm not really sure how I want to continue it. So if anyone wants to see say, some drama go down between Lilian and Whitney, just leave a comment down below.

    <3 Elizabeth
    Truly, Madly, Deeply
    Truly, Madly, Deep...
    Derek was never the most popular person in school. He was always getting straight A's and pushed around in the halls. Whitney was the school's popular girl. The one everyone looked up to. The one in every...
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