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Officially a high school graduate now, I am living the life of writing when I can, and reading when I wanna. 18 years young and ready to explore the world, in the wise words of one Harry Styles, if you fan me, I love you.

Don’t judge me before you come to know me, because you will be surprised by what you find under the surface.

I am uploading all my successful books from wattpad onto here, so hopefully you guys like them too!

I am easy to talk to, easy to contact, shoot me a message on here, on skype, kik, twitter, anywhere I am JaeMhe on all of those, it shouldn’t be hard to find me.

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    mumbled "Larry v Elounor"

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    Okay I am sick of all the nasty comments sent between the two support groups. I mean I love Larry and I love Elounor too.

    Shouldn't it all be about Louis? He is obviously choosing to be with her whether or not he wants Harry or not! And if he isn't and he is being forced to be with her then damn, that is the worst thing I have ever heard.

    I know that most Larry shippers don't even hate Eleanor, they see her as a beard, and some even respect her for 'doing her job' it's minority that are sending Eleanor hate, but either way it needs to stop. Eleanor it seems only responds to the nasty people, isn't that silly? I think if I were in her shoes I would purposely retweet or respond to the ones that support me, just to show everyone that I was the bigger person, but hey I am not her so I shouldnt judge.

    If Larry is real I will be overjoyed because hey, if they are in love, then who am I to stand in the way? but what if it isnt? What if Eleanor and Louis really love each other?

    The way I see it, there are four main groups of directioners.

    1 - The Larry Shippers.

    2- The Elounor Shippers.

    3 - The ones who don't care.

    4- the ones who are going to hate everyone that the boys date no matter who because they want them for themselves.

    It's none of our business who the boys date, and all we can do is hope that whoever their heart belongs to makes them happy, but if not they are still human and we can safely say that just like any other humans, they will end the relationship sooner or later.

    isn't that what happened with Haylor? I mean come on guys they did like each other even just a little.......okay I don't even like admitting that....

    moving on...

    I still have no idea what to think about the whole Larry and Elounor thing but when it comes down to it, I actually dont give a damn who he loves, its his life and he doesnt give a damn about my opinion so why would I bother having one?

    I just hate the fandom being torn in half over something so silly such as love. We should love each other to the best of our ability.

    One pet hate I have though is when people say 'Stop focusing on Haylor/Larry/Zerrie/Payzer look Niall is single happy hunger games.



    Okay I think I should stop before I look like a bigger idiot.

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    mumbled "TSWIFT "

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    I have disliked Taylor Swift since her Joe Jonas period. She has shown her self as a lovely person and I have no doubt that if she was my friend, in a normal situation I am sure I would love her even through all her flaws. But that isn't the case. Fame has changed her and I feel my disliking grown severely. She is pretty, and I love her new photoshoots for her Red album, but all my pet hates take over my brain every time I look at her.

    The way she plays with her hair when she sings?!

    The way she acts like she hasn't dated all the hot guys in hollywood.

    I can't really complain though. I am only 18 and have dated more guys than her, but I would never bag them out in public, like she does through her music.

    I actually like a few of her new songs, but I wish she would go back to her innocent country days, I liked that taylor, not this one she seems to be turning into.

    It's hard to tell rumors from truth about her lately but I still don't like the taylor that is portrayed in the media.

    I want the old taylor back!!

    I have no idea why I wrote this, I just feel like I had to tell someone..
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    I loved Taylor when she sang "Crazier", HMTM, right? She was so adorable, but now, she's just now that same Taylor. But still, change is for the best. Everything happens for a reason.
    há 7 anos atrás
    I love crazier. That song is adorable, but I doubt the Taylor from love story would diss her ex boyfriend during a grammy performance or say certain people belonged in hell. I just think the media needs to back off so she can be herself for once.
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    Hmm, she has just become another "Taylor Swift" who is only concerned by media.
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