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My creativity knows no bounds, as I am a Pisces through and through.

  • J.L. Jacobs
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    This is great!
    The Missing Piece
    The Missing Piece
    Kiley's bestfriend since Kindergarten recently found out about his real father. Just like any child who didn't have a father growing up, he wanted to know more about him with Kiley's help. A year has...
  • J.L. Jacobs
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    This is a joint project between my daughter & I who will be taking turns writing this book. It's a work in progress. We will publish chapters as they are finished, so check back until we announce the end. During the process we encourage your reviews and any help with the editing process, constructive criticism, etc. Thank you for those of you who have taken the time to read our first joint book. We love your support! If you like what you read, don't forget to like, share, favorite it, or whatever your little heart desires. Cordially, J.L. Jacobs & xTaytay (Authors)
    Dearly Beloved,
    Dearly Beloved,
    She wakes up from a blackness, confused and scared. Unsure of what's happened to her, Kennedy Martin discovers that not only is she dead-- but stuck in this in between world called "The Placement" where...
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    You need contests for non-UK based writers. I live in the United States and would love to enter in on competitions.
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    I'd looove to meet him, so sad that you have to be in UK :( But you can still get the 2-10th prize, and if the fault in our stars is as good as Looking for Alaska, that's pretty amazing too!
    A question tho: Why can't you just say that the travel expenses are at own cost? I'd gladly buy a train ticket to London!
    N. Herbert
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    yeah you can still get the books!
    Jordan Philips
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    The competition is open to an international audience, but the first prize is only available to UK entrants (or people who can fly to London for the day!). Good luck.
  • J.L. Jacobs

    mumbled "Honey, You Can Have Him!"

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    He tells you all his secrets,
    he tells you all his lies....
    he calls you on the phone
    he has you hypnotized....

    He's a married man with
    a family & a wife....
    He HAD a happy marriage
    until you came into his life.

    You listened to him when he needed
    you the most.....
    You should have known better
    than to let him get that close!

    You didn't have to sleep with him
    to ruin our happy lives....
    you just gave him advice
    and made him realize.....

    He left me and our marriage
    because of things you said to each other-
    you gave him the courage
    to have feelings for another.

    A REAL woman doesn't covet another
    woman's man....
    she tells him to stand up
    and do all that he can!

    Why would you want him
    when he left me for you?
    You'd take the chance
    that he'd do that to you, too?

    We had our share of problems
    but you made him see....
    that love takes commitment
    and he walked away from me.

    So now you get the man
    who's in another woman's heart.....
    you get the man who left her
    when you should have stayed apart.

    Don't you know that difference between
    what's right and what's wrong?
    You should have stayed away
    and not returned his calls.

    Shame on you because you did know better!
    I talked to you about this on the phone
    and now write you this letter.

    Sure we had our problems
    until you came into his life,
    But that's when he stopped caring
    enough to want me as his wife.

    But you should've known better
    than to encourage his attention--
    just a little fact that
    I felt I should mention.

    Honey, after the past few months
    of what I have been through,
    I have decided that you can have
    him until he tires of you too.

    And don't think he won't cause when the
    going gets tough he'll just run,
    place blame at you
    and go on with another unsuspecting one.

    Then you can face a bitter divorce
    and anger and tears
    of the man he'll become
    who will always switch gears.....

    Making promises out of guilt
    and lies told to placate,
    he'll do what he wants
    until you decide to vacate.

    So have fun while it lasts
    and enjoy the ride
    cause your relationship with
    HIM will surely die.

    So no matter what you do
    or if you play to win,
    I gotta laugh right now,
    'cause Honey, you can have him!
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