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Keitha - derived from the Celtic word 'keth', meaning 'forest, windy place'
Aisling - originates in Gaelic languages and means 'fantasy, dream'
Keitha Aisling - 'the forest of dreams'


por , Segunda-feira Janeiro 29, 2018
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A little while ago, I'd been watching a series of videos on YouTube about the various common tropes of stories and a subject that came up was about how lots of tales are quite similar because they draw inspiration from one another. They also said that we should draw inspiration from real life instead, in which case what you are saying seems both relatable and actually real.

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  • Keitha Aisling
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    Hi, I just want to let you know that I love this! (And - thanks to your request - I've finally gone on Movellas again!)
    The Poetry Revolution
    The Poetry Revolut...
    This poem is about how poetry could change the world. We should use it more in everyday life.
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