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    Title: Adopted by Zerrie
    Celebrities: zayn malik and perrie Edwards
    Quote: It's not flesh and blood but heart which makes us family.
    Mood: happy
    Complexity: complex
    Thank u so much��
    cover store  ✕  open
    cover store ✕ ...
    here for your cover/banner needs. just follow the guidelines in the first chapter and i'll get to working on your cover! [this takes time; bear with me please and be patient.]
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    Plz make a third novella!
    Dirty Little Secret... Let out. ~SEQUEL TO DIRTY LITTLE SECRET~
    Dirty Little Secre...
    MAKE SURE YOU READ THE FIRST BOOK 'DIRTY LITTLE SECERT' One year ago Delilah McCallister Hated Harry Styles but after a recent chain of events and the two see eachother again secrets where let out people...
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    Hey I was wondering if you could make a cover for my movella? It's ok if u don't want to
    aвdυcтed вy тнeм ✗ н.ѕ
    aвdυcтed вy тнeм...
    Brooke, a 17 year old girl is kidnapped on the night and taken to a house where she doesn't even recognize her surroundings, she is left in a huge house with 9 guys and many girls who went through the...
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    of course i will <3
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    For the movella dream come true u can make it however u like thank u��
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    Can u write another story like abducted by them because I really enjoyed that book and it would be great if you could write another one please xx-Ebony
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    is it really worth it
    is it really worth...
    Katelin auditioned for the "X-Factor" in 2013, but when she bumps into someone she adored so much, she asks herself...Is It Really Worth It?
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    I thought you update every week! It's been a year since u last updated
    It's Complicated... (INDEFINITE HIATUS)
    It's Complicated.....
    "We've all had those nights when we couldn't help but cry ourselves to sleep at the thought of being completely and utterly alone." The boys of One Direction have had a hard life. Growing up in a group...
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    this fic is on hiatus, sorry! i really don't have time to do this and the other fic on my account. The other one has a lot more views and more people seem to like it so i chose that one. I'm really sorry but i think that you'd like the other one if you gave it a shot!
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